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Winter Warmers


The cold winter months can seem long and relentless with the dark nights and harsh weather. A lot of time is spent indoors while we wait for the delights of Spring. We've put together a list of winter activities that will get you through and hopefully be fun and rewarding a long the way...


1.Learn a skill - The long dark nights are a perfect excuse to pick up a new handy skill or hobby such as knitting, scrap-booking or yoga.


Accompanying scent: In order to learn a new skill, you must be calm and patient with yourself, so we've chosen Tranquility as the perfect scent to keep you going.


2.Have a sort out - spend some time putting those photos in albums, chucking out those old clothes, arranging the cupboards. Although these activities sound monotonous, it will clear your mind to have these little tasks off your to do list, ready for the New Year.


Accompanying scent: A motivational scent would be the way forward for these tasks. Orange and Cinnamon has a great warmth whilst the tangy orange zest will keep you on your toes!





3. Read that book you've been eyeing up. Nothing quite beats the feeling of curling up on the sofa with a blanket, a cup of tea and a good book in front of the fire.


Accompanying scent: Embers. Whether you have a real log fire or not, Embers will transport you to that cosy fire-side feeling.




4. Bake! What better time experiment with some culinary delights, it's fun and tasty!


Accompanying scent: Bergamot & Nettle is a great kitchen refresher after cooking up a storm, plus it's herby body is a great reminder of the great outdoors when spending cold nights in!

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5. Give yourself a project - whether it's re-upholstering that old chair or up-cycling that chest of drawers, having a creative project can be fun and rewarding. There are loads of how-to's on the internet if you get stuck so give yourself a challenge and you could end up with a great result.


Accompanying scent: We think Fig Tree would make the perfect candle with it's subtle sweetness and fresh earthy base.