Traditional Candle Making | St Eval Candle Company

Traditional Candle Making

We maintain traditional methods of candle making because we believe that they are well worth preserving. The high quality of our candles is controlled all the way through the manufacturing process, from the raw materials to the finished product. This way we ensure the end result is perfect. The materials we use are of the highest quality and when they’re combined with our unique scents and fragrances we’re able to create something really special.

Drawn candles
This type of candle construction is a gradual process where the wick is drawn through a bath of molten wax, increasing the diameter of the candle layer by layer until the required size is achieved. The candle is then polished, cut into lengths and milled to expose the wick in preparation for lighting – a process demanding great skill and craftsmanship. Making candles in this way produces a unique and elegant marbling effect running through the candle and gives it a superior burning quality.

Poured candles
This construction type is used when making candles such as pillars, pots, multi wicks and tealights. We hand pour the hot wax into individual moulds which in some cases we have already put the wick into and in other cases we put the wick in shortly after pouring.