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Getting The Most From Your Candle

Even though the company has grown over the years, we still believe that quality is the most important part of any candle. Below we have listed some important tips to help you  get the best out of your St Eval candle;


      • Wax has its own memory and therefore when you first burn a candle it is important to ensure that a liquid pool of wax completely covers the top of the candle, effectively up to the edge, if you have a pot or tin. If this does not happen, the next time that you burn it, it will only burn to the point where it was extinguished.  We generally recommend around 3-4 hours burn time.
      • If you have a multi wick you need to ensure that all three wicks burn until there is a complete pool of melted wax around all of them together rather than individual burns. As it continues to burn it will eventually burn as a single burning pool with around a centimetre surrounding it and the sides should then gradually curly inwards on burning.
      • Before lighting, ensure that the wick is not too long and that it is trimmed sufficiently and clean.
      • Ensure that the candle is not near any other heat sources or draughts since this can affect the speed at which a candle can burn and if it burns too quickly this can cause the wick to topple and drown in the wax or in some circumstances pull the wick to one side and concentrate the heat at one side causing this to droop outwards and collapse.
      • Ensure that when lighting, no items drop into the candle, such as the carbon from the match or indeed that the candle remains clean and dust free.  Additional particles can act as a secondary wick causing the candle to burn hotter and quicker.
      • Finally, ensure that the candle is placed on a heat resistant surface and never leave it unattended.