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Thyme for some gardening?

Finally we are starting to see the benefits of a very wet last couple of weeks (months!) The fields surrounding us here at St Eval are looking greener than ever. Even our Bee garden is starting to coming along - very exciting.

It does look like the most of the UK will be able to enjoy some gardening in some sunshine at last this week and perhaps some of you will be partaking in some pottering in the garden. It is this time of year when all the big flower shows are all getting ready and quite frankly we cannot wait to see what the trends are for this year. We are heavily influenced by our natural surroundings so any twists on this on this in the gardening world is always quite intriguing.

Don't Forget - we would love to hear from you about your gardening so please get in touch either via facebook, twitter, email or phone!

p.s we have some beautiful new pots which will be on the web soon.


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