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Royal visit by Duke & Duchess to see St Eval candles made by hand

An exciting day in the shop and factory as we were blessed with a lovely Royal visit from the Duke and Duchess of Gloucester and their friends. The Duke, Prince Richard, is a first cousin of Queen Elizabeth II, and 2nd son of Prince Henry within the House of Windsor family tree.  He married his wife Brigitte Eva van Deurs, daughter of a Danish lawyer in 1972.

The Duchess loves St Eval Candles

The Duchess, a regular customer of St Eval Candles, last visited the factory in person with her lady-in-waiting five years ago.  Below, she is pictured sat next to her commemorative plaque from 2013.

Watching mini candles being hand-tied

The Duchess of Gloucester toured the factory and paused to watch Lynn carefully hand-tie each bundle of mini-fragranced candles to make pretty candle gifts.  She enjoyed the orange and cinnamon scent from the candles and later purchased several mini-bundles in the shop.

Exploring our renewable energy generation

The Duke was particularly interested in our renewable energy production which includes biomass, wind turbine and solar panels as a key part of our sustainability plan.  He explored the workings of the highly efficient, digitally controlled biomass boiler that heats the factory and hot water - helping to melt the wax.  The Duke looked at the type of pellets used and tested the innovative insulation around the hot water tank which keeps it cool to the touch.

Having studied architecture at Cambridge University and as a commissioner for English Heritage, the Duke of Gloucester remarked on the appealing timber frame building and new extension to the factory, sensitively nestled on the farm at Engollan, St  Eval.

Duchess's favourite fragrances include Bluebell, Wild Gorse, and Bay & Rosemary

We presented a special gift for the Duchess of a bluebell scented candle hamper.  The Royal duo also purchased a couple of baskets of candles from the shop, including ivory tapers, and left to continue their journey to visit St Mawgan church in the sunshine.

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