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Meet Our Festive Scents

Inspiritus Scented PotFiggy Pudding Marbled CandleInspiritus Mini PillarInspiritus Scented Tealights

To help make any house smell and feel like a beautifully scented festive home we have five luxurious Christmas fragrances.

Inspiritusan uplifting blend of aromatic spices; nutmeg, cinnamon & cloves

Orange & Cinnamon - a tangy scent of warming orange and cinnamon

Figgy Pudding - "so bring us some figgy pudding..." a luxurious blend of sweet fruit

Sandalwood - warm musk with woody undertone

Embers - the heart warming scent of a real log fire in the depth

Each of these festive scents come in a variety of styles. From tealights to beautiful hand poured three wick centre pieces. Perfect gifts or a lovely festive treat for yourself.


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