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Ice Cream Sunday!

As it's the last Bank Holiday of the Year we have an the best recipe for happy families & happy tums. As you've guessed- it's all about Cornish Ice Cream.


Here are some of our Top Cornish delights & the perfect Candles to go with them.

1. It is of course the classic Clotted Cream Vanilla Ice cream-  With the delicious hint of vanilla, it is an all round winner for everyone this weekend. The perfect accompaniment for this flavour is of course our sweet smelling Vanilla Rustic Pillar Candle. This simple & classic scented candle is ideal to keep that Summer Bank Holiday feeling going when Autumn arrives.

2. Sea Salted Caramel & Whiskey Ice Cream- This is one for Mum & Dad. The unique taste of Sea Salted Caramel is a great combination of sweet & savory in one but the added twist of a dash of Whiskey this is definitely the perfect evening treat. Our Sea Salt candles are ideal if you want the feel of eating an ice cream at the seaside.

3. Strawberrys & Clotted Cream Ice Cream- A cream tea is always a must if you venture to the South Coast & in the form of ice cream you have something truly spectacular. With chunks of strawberries & smooth Cornish clotted cream it is definitely smiles all round. Our Cornish Cream fragrance smells exactly as it says on the tin. (while it smells amazing please refrain from eating it- remember Ice Cream tastes a lot better).

4. Elderflower & Honey Ice Cream- Something different & delectable. This beautiful British flower is definitely one that we have taken inspiration from ourselves so it is highly recommended. If you love the cordial, you will adore the fresh & floral notes in this summery sundae & with silky honey added to it is definitely one for the Bank Holiday. It is also one to try and make at home too- perfect dinner party dessert. Of course it is an obvious choice in fragrance- Apple & Elderflower. With crisp Apple joined with Elderflower, it is certainly the one to keep that summer feeling going.

Of course, is it so easy to make your own so be sure to let us know of you yummy creations or let us know your favourite Cornish Ice Cream hot spots.


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