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DIY Idea's for Great Our British Wildlife

It's no secret that we adore our surroundings and will do anything to help the growing and declining wildlife population here at the farm. Among all of our projects we have created a beautiful Bee Garden, teamed up with People & Gardens to create a new habitat to help home and feed Corn Buntings which have declined by 80% in the UK. With the help of RSPB and Natural England we are helping as much as we can to keep our surroundings protected for 10 endangered species here at St Eval Candle Company. 

It only takes one small step to help these create a wonderful home for our Great British wildlife. Whether you have a acres or a small area in your home there is definitely some easy steps to get started with. Here are out top ideas for you and the family to create at home. 


1) Terracotta Pot Bird Bath



So Easy and great fun for the kids this summer as well. Simply stack 3 terracotta plant pots in small, medium and large. With a large terracotta plate either rest or glue with superglue, to stop it blowing away. A larger size is perfect as it will bring more beautiful birds to your garden. If you would like to incorporate a food bowl where you can keep seeds and fat balls then simply glue a smaller plate to one of the sides. You could also use a very small pot for the plate to sit on in the center of your large plate. Paint it however you like and you are ready to go.


2) Bamboo Bee Hotel



We love these fantastic Bamboo Bee Hotels, so simply and lots of fun to be had painting them too! All you need is a standard bird house or of course, you can make something up easily. Just fill the inside with cut to size bamboo sticks and these will act as the perfect home for the great British Bumble Bee. Don't forget to count as many as you can! 


3) DIY Bird House

bird birth trio


Perfect if you are building from scratch or you are recycling old chandeliers and teapots. Place a couple around your garden to help build numbers of our rare British birds.

Send us images of your beautiful wildlife homes whether it is a bug bed & breakfast or your hedgehog hotel. Let's build up numbers across the UK and have fun while you do it!


images: pintrest.com