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Cornish Hedgerows - alive and buzzing

Being based out in the countryside it is no wonder that our hedgerow inspired collection of scented candles are  popular. Each of the fragrances available have been inspired by our Cornish lanes: Apple & Elderflower, Dewberry & Bramble, Bluebell Wood, Wild Gorse and Citronella (technically not inspired by the Cornish hedgerows but inspired by the little unwanted guests which can live in them!)

The Hedgerow Collection

There are three sizes in these terracotta pots which, once the candle has been lit and enjoyed all the way down to the bottom you can reuse as planters and flower pots.

What next? Well, it was noticed on the way down the lane this morning against the brilliant blue of a Cornish sky that the hedgerows were full of honeysuckle and fern - possible inspiration for a new scent maybe.

Honeysuckle is a scent already loved by wildlife


Cornish Hedgerow

Our hedgerows completely come alive in the summer with honeysuckle which is great for all the butterflies, bees and indigenous birds.  According to gardening guru Monty Don, insects and birds can smell the flower up to a massive quarter of a mile away.The scent of honeysuckle is both fruity and warming - what a great combination for scented candle. If you are green fingered and are looking for an easy way to invite birds, bees and the like into your garden then honeysuckle is not just for the lanes. Apparently anyone can grow honeysuckle just make sure you have something behind the growing to support is like fence or trellis.


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