Congratulations to us! | St Eval Candle Company

Congratulations to us!

Last week St Eval Candle Company was invited to the Cornwall Sustainability Awards which was held at the Green Lawns Hotel in Falmouth. Although we did not come first we were very happy and proud to come as Highly Commended in the category of Best managed Small Company. We have great plans for 2013 so hopefully we might have a chance of winning next year.

Also this week in the news a new Hans Christian Anderson fairy tale has been discovered by a Danish historian. The short story is called The Tallow Candle. Apparently the tale involves this dirtied, unwanted and yet to be lit until one day it stumbles into the path of a tinder box who takes pity and lights the candle. Upon being lit the candle brings much joy and warmth to all who sets eyes on it. The above tale is certainly not reminiscent of any of our candles judging by some of the reviews we've received  this week. As it's Friday it's time to shout about one fragrance in particular, today is the turn of the festive scented Figgy Pudding. Have you smelt our sweet and fruity scent of Christmas - get yours while you still can!


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