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Citronella Scented Candles see a revival!

Citronella scented candles soar along with the weather.

You cannot escape the weather at the moment - everyone is talking about it and so are we! This week we have noticed that we're pouring and sending out more Citronella scented candles than we have a while - which is fantastic.

All hand poured with great care All hand poured with great care

Citronella is an oil which is taken from the stems and leaves of different variant of lemongrass. This quite distinctive smell is very popular in warding off unwanted insects in a natural and unharmful way. Did you know that is sometimes used to calm dogs down?

If you're enjoying this fantastic weather then don't let the mozzies ruin it. Not only are our terracotta Citronella candles stunning they are practical too. Our citronella candles come in a variety of styles, from tins to our smooth chalky Tuscan pots, you will find all you need to make any outside dining that little bit extra special .


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