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Candles to make a spooktacular Halloween

 Halloween is the perfect opportunity to get everyone together for a fun-filled fright fest. Whether you’re planning a dinner party, fancy dress party or just staying in with your bestie and watching a spooky. We’ve got the perfect candles for you this Halloween.

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Our terracotta and Charcoal coloured dinner candles are sure to add a spookalicious atmosphere to your dinner party on All Hallows Eve. They are unscented so your guests can really enjoy the scent of your delicious food. These classic dinner candles would look great in a candle arbre to really add that Gothic style to your table.

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For those of you going all out with a fancy dress house party, we’ve got the perfect little tea lights to go in your pumpkins. Why not try Orange & Cinnamon to get a warm tangy scent wafting through the party. If you’re looking for statement decorations, our rustic pillar candles give off a great ghoulish glow. Available in orange (Orange & Cinnamon) ivory (Inspiritus) and black (Embers), these spooktacular halloween colours will make a truly wicked night.


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If you’re planning to stay in with some scary movies and a big pillow to hide behind, our Apple and Elderflower tin candle will add a sweet note to the air to help you through the scary bits. Save on the mess of apple bobbing and light up a candle instead!


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