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Busy Bees

After the excitement of our delightful royal visit last week we've still been rather busy. As
you may already be aware we are based on a busy working farm just 2 minutes inland
from the great Atlantic Ocean. Here on the farm we are very aware of our
responsibilities to the environment with the installation a year ago of our
wind turbine and more recently the roof of the factory has been given a solar
panel makeover. Our attention has now been directed towards the wildlife on the
farm and work began this week on our bee friendly garden. The driveway into the
farm and towards the factory was seeded yesterday with bee enticing grasses and
wild flowers. We can't wait to watch this area grow and develop into the
ultimate busy bee sanctuary and we'll keep you updated as the weeks go on but hopefully it will not only be great for the busy bees but it will look pretty stunning too!  


bee garden 3bee garden 1


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