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Best Buy!

At the beginning of the week, we were included in a very insightful article in the Daily Mail. We are so proud with the review of one of our favourite products that we would love to share it with our wonderful & loyal customers- here are some of the best bits...

Sea Salt


"St Eval Candle Company Sea Salt Candle, £8.92, stevalcandle company.co.uk. Blended mineral wax, 45 hours (20p per hour).

Lawrence says: I thought the St Eval candle was the more expensive one!

We say: The St Eval tin packaging, potent fragrance and rock-bottom price makes it our winner.

BEST BUY: Cheaper, St Eval."

As you know we pride ourselves on our great quality products and keeping so many of our loyal, wonderful customers very happy. Here are some of the lovely reviews we have received recently-

"Woohoo for @StEvalCandleCo getting a lovely mention in the press. Son got me the seasalt candle for #mothersday too. " - posted by wavemedia @wavemediauk on Twitter

"Hey congratulations @StEvalCandleCo ! I saw that you were voted better than more expensive brands!Still loving mine! - posted by Yvie Burnett on Twitter

"St Eval candles are amazing, they last so long, bergamot and nettle every time for me. I than collect all wax thats left from them and put it in my oil burner, no waste." posted on Daily Mail -Charlie01

"big fans of St Eval candles in this house. Beautiful light and long-lasting." - Posted by Kate Barlow on Twitter


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