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Autumnal Love's

Now it is feeling very Autumnal it's time to bring out the throws and start burning warm fragrances. A change in season is the perfect excuse to swap your furniture around and add in new colour. Here are some of our favourite interior styles and accessories that will work in every home. Of course each will need a little piece of St Eval Candle Company magic...


Classic Autumnal Auburn...


Fullscreen capture 18092015 113311 Dinner Candle Gift Pack £6.50 Baroque Candle Stick from £16.60



Let's face it, orange and auburn colours are quintessentially Autumn and with the perfect accessories you might find more of your friends popping round for a cup of tea. We have beautiful drawn Terracotta 7/8" x 8" dinner candles with a superior burn time of 10 hours each. If you have a 2" diameter candle and you can't find a stand you love then our Gold Baroque Candlestick is exactly what you need- also ideal for when Christmas comes around.


Roaring Log Fire...


Fullscreen capture 18092015 122550 Copper Lantern from £9.50 Embers Rustic Pillar Candle £11.50


There is nothing better than lighting that first fire of the year. The smell of the burning embers, the relaxing warmth that accompanies and a smooth glass of red to warm the heart. It's just idyllic.

For those who do not have a fire place or wood burner fear no more, we have the perfect solution to help you create that same atmosphere. Our beautiful Embers fragrance does exactly what it says on the tin. As it is reminiscent of a roaring log fire you will be transported to a relaxing cabin in the Alps. This autumnal scent is truly lovely. 


Autumnal Warmth

Fullscreen capture 18092015 132028 Tealight Holder £4.99 Sandalwood Tin Candle £9.00

Sandalwood is one of our bestselling fragrances and at this time of year its warm musk and woody scents are perfect. Ideal for any room in the house, you can sit back and stay warm while the weather changes outside.




Image Credit- Pintrest, Next on Pintrest, St Eval Candle Company Ltd