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5 scents guaranteed to get you in the Autumn mood



What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Autumn? The harvest, beautiful colours, cosy nights in, conkers, wellies!? It’s one of the best times to get your walking boots on, head down to the nearest woodland and soak up those rich reds and golds before the last leaves fall. With Halloween and Bonfire night just around the corner to liven up the dark nights, we think there’s plenty to get excited about.

To celebrate the coming of autumn, we’ve put together a list of 5 scents that we think really compliment the season.



Orange & Cinnamon 

This tangy scent will warm you right up on those cold dark nights. Notes of sweet cinnamon wafting through the air will evoke memories of hot crumbles bubbling in the oven. 



Bay & Rosemary

This scent will transport you to days spent walking through golden woods as the leaves crunch under your feet and the sun, sitting low in the sky, peaks through the sparse branches.



Dewberry & Bramble

This sweet scent will evoke memories of days spent getting your fingers stained with the purple juice of shiny Blackberries. Those bursts of sweet flavour as you snacked on any that didn’t make it into the bucket is the true feel of Dewberry & Bramble.



Fig Tree

This clean and refreshing scent will capture that moment that you step out of the house one morning and notice the first sign of the temperature drop as your breath mists up in the crisp air. 




This luxurious blend of nutmeg, citrus and ginger will make you want to curl up on the sofa under a blanket, with a bowl of popcorn and your favourite movie while the rain patters on your window.



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