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About St Eval

Life on the farm

Unique, beautifully fragranced and inspired by nature - that's our candles in a nutshell. Based as we are on a traditional working farm (the farm is mixed arable and livestock), environmental issues are very important to us. We are surrounded by fields and hedgerows all teeming with wildlife. Following an RSPB bird survey there were several breeds spotted which are on a red watch list, meaning they are endangered such as Barn Owls, House Sparrow and especially some Corn Buntings. We look forward to working with the RSPB and Natural England over the next couple of years to create and evolve a true haven for wildlife. The summer of 2013 saw our first attempt at a Bee Garden blossom into life. The verge leading up to the workshop and office was planted with various bee friendly flowers, in the height of the summer the noise was incredible as the bee population thrived.

As a business we are always working towards reducing our impact on the environment. In 2011 we erected the UK's quietest wind turbine and to follow up in 2013 our workshop roof was deck in PV Solar Panels - we are nearing being carbon neutral. Our packaging is sourced from recycled materials and we do everything we can to minimise the waste we produce.

When you purchase from us you are supporting our local economy – even as a small company we are a vital player in Cornwall and are very proud to contribute to the growth of our economy. We hope you choose to buy products made in the UK.

For a sneak peek behind the scenes why not have a look at our short film on YouTube - click here.

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